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[NodeMCU vs IoTtweet dashboard] How to send simple data to IoTtweet dashboard

Isaranu, 2016.Sep.28

NodeMCU vs iottweet

Nowadays, we are connected “things” by using an inexpensive WiFi module from Espressif known as “ESP8266 module”.
This WiFi module have many mounted on MCU board for prompt to use in any project and application.
Today, we are show you how to send data to display from Internet of Things device running by Node MCU.
Send data via ESP8266 wifi to “IoTtweet” dashboard.

- Node MCU board (In this example, we use Node MCU version 0.9, built-in ESP8266 WiFi module)
- Arduino IDE
- User account “”. (If you are not have, sign up now)
- IoTtweet library. (You can download it as zip file from Github)
- "ESP8266WiFi.h" and "AduinoJson.h" library


1. Sign up
You can sign up here, and after got account, go to Dashboard > My IoT garage. You must register your device, and get individual key.

"My IoT garage" button
NodeMCU vs iottweet
Add your IoT device
NodeMCU vs iottweet
You will found registed device in IoT list
NodeMCU vs iottweet
Back to Dashboard, your device shown in list
NodeMCU vs iottweet
2. Install library

* ESP8266WiFi.h
- Arduino IDE, open preferences on menu.
- Add link in Board Manager urls.
- Save and restart Arduino IDE.
- Go to Tool > Boards > Boards Manager, scroll down and install package “esp8266 by ESP8266 community”.
- Restart Arduino IDE again.
- Finished.

* ArduinoJson.h
- Arduino IDE, open Sketch > Include Libraries > Manage Libraries on menu.
- Search "ArduinoJson" and make install.
- Finished.

* IoTtweet.h
- Download IoTtweet library from Github
- Extract file
- In folder “src”, copy folder name “IoTtweet” and paste in folder Arduino > libraries
- Finished.

NodeMCU vs iottweet
3. From extracted file
In example folder, open file “WriteToDashboard.ino” by Arduino IDE.

NodeMCU vs iottweet
4. Change some parameter.
WiFi SSID, WiFi password, user ID and key.
* You can find your user ID in right-top side on website page when you logged in.

NodeMCU vs iottweet
5. Connect Node MCU
upload this sketch file.

6. Let’s see data on your Dashboard
go to > Dashboard.

NodeMCU vs iottweet
NodeMCU vs iottweet
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