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How to use Dashboard v3.0 - EP1

Isaranu, 2016.Dec.18

Internet of Things dashboard merged data

We are developed on new latest version of Dashboard IoTtweet in v3.0 released on November 2016.
In this version, there's many features added. And you can design your dashboard and save layout of element.
You can setting color of chart, name or any that we provided for you.
This tutorials is explain you how to use dashboard v3.0 in a basic setting.

Step 1.
- Sign up account with and verify activate e-mail from us.

Step 2.
- If you are never register IoT device, please go to home page, go to menu "Dashboard > My IoT garage".
- Register your device by adding it in this page.
- When you added completed, back to Dashboard. In this page, you will see your registered device appeared in "My IoT device" drop down list.
IoT dashboard
IoT dashboard
IoT dashboard
IoT dashboard

Step 3.
- Start design your dashboard, click at "Edit layout" button.
IoT dashboard
- In this example, we show you for chart creating. You can add chart by click at "Create Chart".
- Blank chart will appeared on dashboard space below. You can set chart by "Setting button".
IoT dashboard
- Each item setting area
SLOT data input : This is slot data number that you let your IoT device send to dashboard.
Title : Your chart name display at the top of chart.
Y axis label : Name of Y-axis.
Line color : Color of chart line border as you want.
Fills color : Filled color under line of chart.
- After set all, click on "Save layout" button.
IoT dashboard
IoT dashboard

For this setting, you can changing it anytime as you would like to do.
IoT dashboard
IoT dashboard
Let try it !.
IoT dashboard

For next EP2, we will show you about other element setting and using it.

Have a nice tweet :)

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