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New features : Merged graph of IoT data.

Isaranu, 2016.Oct.18

Internet of Things dashboard merged data

We are under developing for IoT (Internet of Things) cloud data record for big data analysis.
Today our devleopment team already added features of "Merge graph" into dashboard.

Merged graph have a features of merging data from "slot0" vs "slot1" in one graph by separate Y-axis to left and right respectively.
And for data "slot2" vs "slot3" in the same other one graph.

You will see a relation of that data and easily comparing data on meged graph.
Example of this meged as "temperatures" vs "humidity" data from DHT sensor.

Try use it on your dashboard.

if you are not know about IoT data send to IoTtweet dashboard, read an post of "How to simple send data to IoTtweet dashboard".

Have a nice tweet :)

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